RND Entertainment

RND Entertainment (RND) was founded by AAA Video Game Music Composer, Rika Muranaka.

RND Entertainment is a leading pioneer in the fields of Virtual Reality “VR”, Augmented Reality “AR” and Mixed Reality (MR). VRI is a dominant force encompassing all aspects of technology including VR Therapy, VR Education and VR Gaming, as well as launching a groundbreaking method of shopping for future generations.

RND Entertainment is not just a technology provider. We are a fully-integrated, 360 Marketing Firm with the capability of producing the content for today’s marketplace, and providing consumers with a revolutionary retail experience.

VR technology offers endless possibilities. Below are just a few:

  1. Video Gameing
  2. VR Shopping
  3. VR Medical Applications
  4. Travel
  5. Education
  6. SPACE and Technology
  7. Entertainment
  8. Amusement Parks
  9. Casinos
  10. VR TV and Live Streaming Channels

Intensive VR development through establishment of VR Innovator

In order to respond to the rapidly evolving VR peripheral technology, RND Entertainment established a business organization specializing in VR program development / production, VR Innovator, further accelerating the advantage in the VR business and at the same time high cost performance We will create a production system.

After joining as a music producer in 1998, Konami JPN "Metal Gear Solid", it became a bridge between US creators and engineers and domestic game companies at the game production site, accumulated substantial management experience, engineers and development in the VR field Building a network with people independently. VR Innovator will promote VR development project with team management of independent creators as the core.

Now, Mexico, Canada, Estonia, Spain, India and China. In addition, based in Eastern Europe, we have started tie-ups with various development studios. In addition, China will continue to develop materials for education with VR, AR, MR based in China. Also, in terms of medical care, we will release the contents of VR therapy contents with Technograd 's virtual gates.

VR Innovator organization image and advantage

As an image of project work in VR Innovator, we are assuming a development line (VR development) and a production line (commissioned production). The development line consists mainly of Contract Expert Developer and deal with large projects of early development elements of investment target level. With the production experts according to each business field as leaders, we will take a system that seamlessly procures human resources capable of performing cost-effective man-hours.

We have experienced knowing how inefficient and unreasonable it is to embrace the number of human resources inside the company. Especially for work in the entertainment field such as games and movies where the quality as a work is questioned, we think that it is essential to manage human resources who can maintain high motivation and team composition.

For products that require the mobilization of large-scale personnel such as VR Theater, we also assume an industry-university cooperative project.